Sustainable Finance and Banking
The Financial Sector and the Future of the Planet 
by Marcel Jeucken


Banking and finance play a fundamental role in public policy and economic performance as well as in all forms of commerce and industry. They are crucial in determining whether society - from governments to individual consumers - succeeds in following an environmentally sustainable path.

However, those working in the financial sector are largely unaware of the rationale and pressures for sustainable development and its bearing on their work, while those in the relevant research and policy areas commonly overlook how vital the financial sector is for progress.

This book sets out to rectify this state of affairs, in a style which is also accessible to those with no experience of environmental or finance issues. It provides a comprehensive account of their interdependence: why the financial sector is crucial to achieving sustainability and why the triple bottom line of commercial, environmental and social success points the way forward for banking.

From a systematic assessment of major banks around the world, the book presents a comprehensive account of current best practice, an analysis of the differences in approach and performance, and recommendations of actions and policies for improved performance that will contribute to sustainable development.




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