Sustainable Banking
The Greening of Finance
J Bouma, MHA Jeucken and L Klinkers


In this book the international financial sector(and more specifically banks) and its stakeholders, presents its viewpoints and share experience on its role in sustainable development. The book contains papers from representatives from finance, banks, academia, businesses, NGOs and governments. 

The book consists of five parts. The contributions presented in the separate parts are clustered around a main theme of sustainable banking. Sustainable banking has no clear borders: the relationships of banks with its stakeholders makes the concept relevant to more actors than only the banks themselves. Therefore the topics that are dealt with by the authors on their issues on sustainable banking are diverse. Nevertheless, it seems that some themes are regarded as more or less central themes. 

These themes are: 
1. policy of banks
2. transparency and communication
3. environmental investment funds
4. environmental risks and its repercussions for bank products
5. the role of governments, NGOs and multilateral banks 




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